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Matcha Margarita

Matcha Margarita

Matcha Margarita?!? Well...almost. I haven't yet put my precious Japanese green tea powder into a real margarita, but I will try that sometime. Since I like to have matcha in the afternoon, especially during the mid-afternoon work hours when I really want to maintain focus, I thought I would mix it up a bit and try something "poco loco." I had read an article a while back that referred to a study done with tea and how the body absorbs more of the beneficial nutrients and antioxidants when paired with a touch of citrus. Many countries serve a lemon slice with their tea but I never really wanted to put lemon in my hot tea unless I wasn't feeling well. I've been feeling well lately, but I thought, you know, a touch of lime could really make a nice matcha blend. Try it straight up with a squeeze of lime. Or get sweet on matcha with a little honey, lime and even coconut milk?! Give my recipe a try and see how you can turn your afternoon work into a productive happy hour.

Matcha "Margarita" Recipe

1/2 teaspoon Japanese matcha, sifted (makes for a more smooth taste)

1/2 cup hot water, 170°F

1/4 lime, freshly squeezed (you can use half this amount if you don't want it to be as tangy)

1 teaspoon local honey

2 teaspoons coconut milk

Gently whisk the matcha powder into the water. Once blended with a consistent smooth color, add honey and coconut milk. Serve with a lime wedge and enjoy your afternoon!