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Green Tea

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Green TeaGreen tea, when prepared well, not only tastes great, but helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. Searching for the legendary Gunpowder Tea? Wanting to stay away from caffeine with a Green Tea Decaf? Or wanting to indulge in an Almond Tea? We will take you round the world, even to Africa with green tea, when you drink the Moroccan Mint Green Tea. Don't forget the famous Dragon Well Green Tea (Lung Jing) from China or a fun Green Chai Tea. We have it all here at Tea Embassy, even Genmaicha from Japan.
Taste the difference in premium green tea. Loose tea will change your view of tea bags, opening your palate to the wonders of loose leaf green tea. We have a nice selection of Chinese green tea, Japanese style green tea, sencha tea, flavored green tea. A few of these include: Green Tea DecafGunpowder TeaAlmond TeaMoroccan Mint Tea, Dragon Well Green Tea, Green Chai Tea (Green Chai), and Genmaicha.

Green teas are freshly plucked leaves, which are steamed or heated for only several minutes to half the oxidizing process. Then the leaves are dried by machine or hand rolled into a number of styles: balled, flat, curly, thin, or twisted. In general,green tea has a more vegetative flavor compared to black or oolong teas. It is more delicate than black tea and requires a lower brewing temperature, about 170° to 190° degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the type of green tea.

We offer a variety of high quality, loose leaf green teas from around the world. Each has its own flavor characteristics, aroma, and coloring.